This site comprises documentation of my contact and interaction with Virginia State Police Special Agent (Anthony) Tony Gattuso -- up until the agency he's employed by forbid him to see me. Posts are in chronological order; newest additions are on the last page.

Re: Just being Honest....

from TF JADE
to DJ Vox
date Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 11:25 AM
subject Re: Just being Honest....

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 8:43 PM, DJ Vox wrote:
Pictures huh.... I guess I have to check the blog again....
I have a feeling you missed this:
What was the sign?

That anonymity is bringing out the worst in some people.
Is it bringing out the worst or just showing how they really are?

Look, I know there are good officers. I know there are deceptive, vindictive, foul ones, too. I also know that those in Law Enforcement have a habit of crooning the former and denying the latter. If y'all do admit there are bad ones, it's almost always in a vague, generic, sort of way.

NO one knows?
Well, aside from me no one does.

Thinking back, I'm not sure what I expected.
Oh. Come. On. By your own admission you first used an irregular email address to contact me in anticipation of me being "nasty." Anyhow, forget what you expected, the question is what do you hope to achieve by our communication now?

Yes Ma'am. I have figured out that I don't have the proper clearances.
Quick learner -- impressive!

Ah.... well that just goes to show you what partial information and biases will do to someones thinking.

One of the things JADE Detective O'Donnell did, in his attempts to keep covering his ass, was fail to disclose information to his colleagues about me because, had he done so, it might've lessened their bias. That is to say he allowed them to believe things that he knew weren't correct. I don't mind since it gave -- and continues to give -- me a sweet advantage. But it mystifies me that he's done his fellow lawmen such a disservice. But surely none of that interests you, so I'll shut up about it now.

Hell if I know; it's your metaphor.

Good point.
Game over?