This site comprises documentation of my contact and interaction with Virginia State Police Special Agent (Anthony) Tony Gattuso -- up until the agency he's employed by forbid him to see me. Posts are in chronological order; newest additions are on the last page.

Observation And Causation

According to the time-stamps, he’d sent the last couple of emails to me within a minute of each other. Before I even viewed the contents of the second one, I noticed immediately both the sender name and return address on the first one was different. Yay -- new things to search on! I read the latest -- where he acknowledged the changes and hinted this was his regular electronic communication home -- before directing my browser to my favorite engine. The anonym was, as I’d assumed previously, near to the original, but the address was nowhere remotely close to its former. Darnit. I was only half right in my guess.

Queries on Google yielded sparse results. If I were to go along with them, they implied I was corresponding with a middle-aged member of multiple adult entertainment sites who, at least in 2007, was looking for sexual partners for himself and his lady as a pair. Oh. God. This can’t be the same guy who wrote me. I was fairly confident the deviant and the fellow now in touch with me were not one and the same.

Although I hadn’t made any progress with the lookups, the fact was my mysterious stranger had already gotten comfortable enough with me to switch to contacting me with a personal email account he admitted he used more often. Good deal. The sign auspicated potential. I smiled at the thought.